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*Bellair Airporter Status

Thursday, January 19th, 2017



Yakima- Available

Bellingham- Available. Call 24 hours in advance to check availability.

Burlington- Available





On time.


On time.


I-90  Today (Thurs.) Both west and east bound pass are presently closed.  The DOT expects to have the Eastbound lanes open at 430pm. The Westbound lanes do not have an opening time.



Pass is closed,  all runs have been cancelled for today.

We expect to be running a full schedule tomorrow (Friday)

Passengers that were scheduled on runs that were cancelled may rebook on later runs.  Please call and reschedule for Friday.



Pass is closed.  The 11am & 2pm, Seatac - Yakima runs have been cancelled.

We believe the 5pm and 8pm trips will depart on time.


For the latest information on Snoqualmie Pass traffic, construction and closures, please click here


See WSDOT weather for more information:

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