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File Airporter Shuttle schedule May 2006
Airporter Shuttle schedule May 2006
File CWA Schedule April 2006
CWA Schedule April 2006
File 311_TSA.pdf
File BellevueSquareMap.pdf
File CWA Schedule November 2006
CWA Schedule November 2006
File Convention Center - Seattle
Convention Center loading area - Seattle
File airportershuttle-june-2007.pdf
File Charter Ideas Guide.pdf
Charter Ideas Guide.pdf
File airporter-sept-2007.pdf
File lakeway-inn-oboe.pdf
File Hub & Spoke-Silver Reef.pdf
Hub & Spoke-Silver Reef.pdf
File Application for Employment
Application for Employment
File Airporter Shuttle schedule June 2008
Airporter Shuttle schedule June 2008
File wine-tour-wick.pdf
File Seattle Convention Center - Loading Area
Seattle Convention & Trade Center - Airporter Loading Area
File CWA Schedule July 2008
CWA Schedule July 2008
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File CWA Schedule May 2009
File CWA Schedule Aug 2009
File airporter-january-2010.pdf
File CWA Schedule Feb 2010
File Airporter Shuttle schedule Mar 2011
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Airporter Shuttle schedule Nov 2011
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File CWA-fare-comparison-2012.pdf
File application2.pdf
File CWA Schedule May 2012
File CWA Schedule June 2012
File Airporter Shuttle schedule March 2012
File CWA Schedule Jul 2012
File bellair-charters-contract.pdf
File Airporter Shuttle schedule May 2013
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File Test PDF
File airporter-aug-2013.pdf
File cwa-jul-2013.pdf
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File Bellair Adventure Guide
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File VictoriaChristmas-Whidbey.pdf
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File cwa-mar-2017.pdf
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File cwa-jun-2017.pdf
File airporter-jun-2017.pdf
File airporter-jul-2017.pdf
File cwa-jul-2017.pdf
File airporter-aug-2017.pdf
File cwa-aug-2017.pdf
File cwa-oct-2017.pdf
File airporter-oct-2017.pdf

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

WWU Stop: Due to construction, our pickup spot has been temporarily moved to in front of the Viking Union.


I-5 Southbound:

On time.

I-5 Northbound:

On time.


I-90 Westbound:

Our shuttle that departed Yakima at 1:30 PM will be delayed into Northbend and Seatac by about one hour due to high traffic and road work on I-90.

>ETA into Northbend: 5:15PM

>ETA into Seatac: 6:00PM

>ETA into Light Rail: 6:10PM


All other shuttles are on time.


I-90 Eastbound:

On time.


Please call in advance for parking availability at our Yakima, Bellingham, and Burlington locations.

Thank you.

For the latest information on Snoqualmie Pass traffic, construction and closures, please click here.

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