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Burlington Parking Terms & Conditions

  • I acknowledge Airporter Shuttle is not responsible for damage caused by others or by the weather to my vehicle while parking.
  • I acknowledge as the owner of the vehicle that I have adequate insurance coverage should I damage the property of other vehicles or the facility where the vehicle is parked.
  • I acknowledge that Airporter will release (open the secured gate) my vehicle to all persons who have a key to the vehicle. We do not ID drivers.
  • The environment is important. Fluids spilled/leaking from vehicles will be cleaned up by Airporter Shuttle. I acknowledge that I will be responsible and pay for full cleanup and disposal costs of the cleanup caused by spills from my vehicle, including any HAZMAT fines resulting from the spill.
  • I will call Airporter Shuttle if our plans change and I cannot pick up the vehicle as agreed in our parking reservation. I will provide a new pick up date and pay for these additional dates at the normal parking rate.
  • I understand that if a call extending parking is not made 24 hours in advance of the original scheduled pick up date, I am using a spot assigned to others and will be charged $15 for each day that I am late. Our office closes at 9pm, calls to extend parking must be made before 9pm. (Phone: 360-899-5291)
  • Vehicles left parked with no notification or contact from the owner for a period of 10 days past the agreed-upon end date will be charged the late fees and will be towed at the owner's expense.
  • Unused parking days will be refunded less $8.
  • When a vehicle cannot be started or moved, it is the responsibility of the owner to arrange repair and/or movement of the vehicle.
  • Airporter encourages all loose personal items to be hidden from view. We will assist you or the police in the investigation of damage by providing copies of video surveillance tapes. It is the responsibility of the owner and the local authorities to pursue investigation.


October 20th, 2019



I-5 Southbound:

On time.

I-5 Northbound:

On time.



I-90 Westbound:

On time.

I-90 Eastbound.

On time.


Seattle Convention Center Passengers:

We pick up 4 times and drop off 3 times a day in downtown Seattle on 8th Ave between Pike and Pine.


Please call in advance for parking availability at our Yakima, Bellingham, and Burlington locations.


Thank You!


For the latest information on Snoqualmie Pass traffic, construction and closures, please click here.

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